Keeping Cumberland County Warm Heating Assistance Program

Keeping Cumberland County Warm general flyer

Heating assistance is a fundamental element of health, well-being, self-sufficiency, and economic mobility. Families struggling due to hardships caused by COVID-19 are at greater risk for energy insecurity. With more than 60 percent of Maine homes reliant on heating oil, compared to 4 percent nationally and between 24-42 percent elsewhere in New England, Maine is the most heating oil-dependent state in the country. 

Cumberland County recognizes these factors are directly contributing to a grim winter forecast for low-income families who face impossible choices among essential needs such as food, heat, and medicine. To address these and other negative economic impacts of the pandemic on households in our community Cumberland County created the Keeping Cumberland County Warm Program. 

The County will rely on the general assistance department of each participating municipality to assist with program administration. Cumberland County residents will meet with local General Assistance administrators to determine income eligibility for the Keeping Cumberland County Warm Program.

Program Eligibility:

To be eligible for Keeping Cumberland County Warm, you must be a resident of Cumberland County, Maine and you must need financial assistance with home energy costs. Funding is to support heating assistance in the form of oil, wood, wood pellets, Kerosene, and propane. The County will support funding sources that include Electric or Natural gas, however, the bill needs to clearly outline the costs increase from what is normal usage vs winter time increases. So it is clear the funds are specifically targeting heating costs only. To be eligible, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the income guidelines outlined in the chart below.

Income Guidelines

Family Size Minimum - Max Income
1 $30861- $40,770
2 $40,357- $54,930
3 $49,583- $69,090
4 $59,349- $82,710
5 $68,434- $97,410
6 $78,340-$111,570
7 $80,121-$125,730
8 $81,901-$139,890
9 $83,682-$154,050
10 $85,462-$168,210

Eligible activities are limited to heating assistance. 

Eligible expenses for heating assistance include:

• Oil

• Wood

• Propane

• Natural Gas

• Electricity

• kerosene

• Wood Pellets

All utility bills provided must clearly outline the cost increase specific to wintertime heating vs. normal usage. It needs to be clear the funds are specifically targeting heating costs only. GA will work with the vendors to provide direct payment on behalf of the client. Vendors should be reputable and reasonable in cost when compared to the current market rate pricing. Under no circumstances will cash payments be provided to clients or vendors.

Ineligible Expenses

Ineligible expenses are items that are not heating assistance. Expenses must follow the outlined distribution of funds requirements. Examples of ineligible expenses include:

• Cash payments

• Rental Assistance

• Using County funds to supplement GA expenses.

• Food assistance

• All other expenses not related to heating assistance

• Surplus of supply, request must be reasonably proportional to need. For example, a client may not request 15 tons of wood pellets to create a stockpile.

Program information:

Program Guidelines 

CMP Calculation Sheet

Reimbursement checklist for Participating Towns 

The Table below outlines towns that are Participating in the program, some towns due to capacity restraints are not able to offer the program at this time. Cumberland County is the fiscal agent awarding funds to participating local municipalities. Keeping Cumberland County Warm is a grant program for municipalities to access. Only those Cumberland County municipalities that chose to participate in the program receive funding. The County depends on the general assistance department of each participating municipality to assist with program administration. 

Keeping Cumberland County Warm Municipal Participation List

Town  Contact Person Email  Phone Number
Baldwin Katie Wilcox 207-553-5820
Bridgton Laurie L. Chadbourne 207-803-9950
Brunswick Deborah Crocker 207-721-4045
Cape Elizabeth Jane Anderson

207-799-2868 Ext 326
Casco Penny Bean 207) 627-4515 ext.  205
Chebeague Island Viktoria Wood 207-846-3148
Cumberland  Jessica Dwyer 207-558-9174
Falmouth  Katie Wilcox 207-553-5820
Gorham Rene Daniel 207-892-1906
Harrison Cass Newell (207)583-2241
Harpswell Gina Caldwin 207-833-5771
Gray  Pam Edson 207-657-3112 Ext. 110
Long Island Brian Dudley  207-766-5820
Naples John Hawley 207-693-6394
New Gloucester Katie Wilcox 207-553-5820
North Yarmouth  Katie Wilcox 207-553-5820
Pownal  Becky Taylor Chase  207-688-4611 
Raymond Jennie Silverblade  207-655-4742 x129
Scarborough Project GRACE pgme @ 207-883-5111
Sebago  Desirae Lyle 207-787-2457
Standish  Ruthann Labrecques 207-642-2538
Westbrook Harrison Deah 207-854-0676
Windham  Rene Daniel 207-892-1906
Yarmouth  Christine Hayashida  207-846-2406