Public Health Department


The Cumberland County Public Health Department brings people, organizations, and communities together to promote wellbeing and protect the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.  


The Cumberland County Public Health Department recognizes that health and wellbeing are impacted by many things including the community conditions in which people live; cultural norms; the ability to access basic resources; the health of the environment and the level of protection from climate change; as well as individual knowledge, behaviors, and experiences. The  Department strives to create connections and collaborations across the county with the goal of ensuring all people have the opportunity to live long healthy lives. 


The Cumberland County Public Health Department is leading the development of a County Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to guide public health initiatives within the county over the next four years.

To ensure the plan aligns with community needs and opportunities, Cumberland County is partnering with groups, organizations, and individuals from across the county. An Advisory Committee composed of public health professionals is steering the process. The plan's vision is “A Cumberland County where communities are thriving; residents, organizations, and local governments connect and invest in collaborative actions; and every person has an equitable opportunity to live a healthy life".  

The CHIP will be completed in summer of 2022. 


Request For Proposals:   Cumberland County Government is seeking to contract with a behavioral health organization to implement a Behavioral Health Liaison program within the Tri-Town Police Departments of Falmouth, Cumberland, and Yarmouth.  The County is seeking to create a 3-year contract with an organization to provide oversight, supervision, and staffing for up to two Behavioral Health Liaisons embedded in the police departments and provide training to police and community.   Please see RFP HERE.  

Proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format to by 4:00pm Friday, May 13, 2022.   

Questions related to the RFP must be received by 12:00pm on April 27th, 2022

Answers to questions received by April 27th:

Question: Would a qualifying prior experience include when an organization has a contract with the State of Maine to perform services in law enforcement agencies and the mental health provider and law enforcement agencies have a memorandum of understanding to carry out the expectations of the contract? In this case the funder of the service is different from the agency that is receiving the service.

Answer: In the “Prior Experience” section of the RFP, by “clients”, we mean a funder and/or an agency receiving your services. A reference in which the funder is different from the agency receiving services is appropriate.  In this case, please provide the contact information of both the funder and the agency receiving services.