Training and Exercise

CCEMA Training and Exercise Program

The Cumberland County Emergency Management agency seeks to support Cumberland County and its partners through whole community training, exercise, and outreach. Our Training and Exercise Coordinator works with community partners to plan and execute exercises, facilitate and coordinate training courses, and prepare opportunities for community outreach. The training and exercise program covers the full spectrum of hazards, including natural, technological, and man-made hazards. Regularly check this page for an updated schedule of the training and exercises provided by CCEMA, located on the Training and Exercise Calendar.

For more information on the courses we offer, check out our course catalog.

Looking for more opportunities? Our Training and Exercise Coordinator sends out a bi-weekly training and exercise bulletin with interesting reads, webinars, regional exercises, upcoming training opportunities, and more. To opt-in to the bulletin, add your email through this form

Request a Training

To request a training offered by CCEMA, please fill out this form.

Point of Contact

Chelsea Robbins, Training and Exercise Coordinator

207-892-6785 ext. 1031