Municipal HR Services

Municipal HR Services

Over the past two years, the County has heard from Town Managers that County Human Resource services would be a benefit to their organization.  Many communities do not have the luxury of having a designated staff person, or any additional capacity to take on some complex HR issues in-house.  With Federal and State employment laws ever changing, many communities have a difficult time keeping up on the latest laws or best practices in the field.  Many times this results in a call to their Corporation Counsel (outside law firm), which can be expensive. 

 In an attempt to address some of these needs, the County has developed a list of HR services to be offered through the County’s Human Resources Office.  This past October, Cumberland County staff made themselves available to answer questions or provide guidance on the following topics: 

  • Human Resource Generalized Employment Questions

  •  Personnel Management - Discipline - Due Process - Workplace Behavior - Performance 

  •  FMLA, Workers Comp, ADA, Extended Leave of Absences – guidance, spreadsheet-tracking model 

  • Workplace Investigations Guidance –Consultation - Conduct

  •  Wage & Hour – Fair Labor Standards – Withholdings – Getting Pay Right

  • Employee Resources – HR Checklists

The above list is the first phase of a multi-stage HR service rollout.  Additional HR services may be provided to the cities/towns once we determine the level of need and time commitment of existing County staff.  At this time, we are gauging interest and have not opted to work from a fee-based system with the exception of those services taking a significant amount of staff time (i.e. conducting and reporting on an internal investigation).