How Do I... ?

I owe a fine, can I pay this through the District Attorney's Office?
  • The District Attorney's Office only collects payments for discovery fees, Deferred Dispositions conditions of supervision fees and/or of victims compensation fees, and restitution payments.  Fines are collected by the Court.  Navigate to Court Locations for more information.  
  • If you do not know what type of fee you owe, you should contact the court clerk and verify what your obligations are so that you can promptly meet them. Court Contact Information.
When is my court date?
  • The Court is the official keeper of record for the court scheduling.  If you are a defendant with a pending criminal case, navigate to Court Locations for more information.
How do I continue my court case?
  • Case continuance requests are filed with the court clerk.  The involvement of the District Attorney''s Office is limited to our position on our motion, whether we agree, disagree or have no position to the motion.   Contact the Court.

How do I hire an Attorney?

  • It is important to remember that the District Attorney’s Office cannot give legal advice to individuals charged with a crime. Even though it is not required, it is important for individuals accused of a crime to obtain independent legal advice regarding the charge and for a person to know their rights. The DA’s Office will work with defendant who represent themselves regarding pleading the case or going to trial, but we cannot tell someone what to do or advise one way or the other. Cumberland County has many hard working and capable defense attorneys who can be court appointed (if the Court finds a person to be indigent) and is privately retained. Below is a list of resources for individuals looking for an attorneys: