Special Teams

The Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency has a variety of emergency management response teams that play key roles during disasters. These teams are made up of highly skilled and trained volunteers.

CCEMA Emergency Management Response Teams (Special Teams) are voluntary organizations which are established and maintained within CCEMA for operational support and are coordinated to ensure a broad coverage of assistance during emergencies.

They include:

Cumberland County Animal Response Team (CCART)

Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT)

Medical Reserve Corp (MRC)

Virtual Operation Support Team (VOST)

Amateur Radio Teams

Southern Maine Community Organizations Active in Disaster (SMCOAD)

  1. CCART
  2. IMAT
  3. MRC
  4. VOST
  5. Amateur Radio

Cumberland County Animal Response Team (CCART)

Our mission is to provide community awareness of disaster planning and preparedness related to companion animals and large animals, and to assist in emergency sheltering of companion animals. We operate under the direction of the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency Director and in coordination with the American Red Cross.


Under the direction of the Emergency Management Director, our team can be mobilized to provide pet friendly emergency sheltering in coordination with the American Red Cross human shelters. The pet shelter will be located within walking distance of the American Red Cross human shelter.


In the event of an emergency, you will be notified via television, radio, and Maine 2-1-1, which is Maine’s new emergency information hotline. You will be advised where the pet-friendly co-shelters are located.

Our Team

Our team consists of community members from Cumberland County who have received training in the U.S. Citizens Corps Community Emergency Response Team standards. The team then receives specialty training, incorporating best practices from the Humane Society of the United States and United Animal Nation.

We have also received training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency following the National Incident Management System guidelines. Some of our members have furthered their education in Technical Large Animal Rescue.

To learn more, please check out the CCART Facebook Page or contact Ron Jones, the CCART Liaison 207-892-6785 or jones@cumberlandcounty.org.