Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The Cumberland County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as an information and assistance point for emergency response activities. EOC activation is desirable when one or more of the following situations occur:

  • there exists an imminent threat to the safety or health of the public;
  • multi agency/multi-jurisdiction response and coordination is necessary;
  • local resources are inadequate or depleted and/or significant local mutual aid, state and/or federal resources must be utilized;
  • the disaster affects multiple political jurisdictions within the County which are relying on the same emergency resources;
  • in the case such as: local emergency ordinances have been implemented to control the emergency situation (e.g. evacuations).

CCEMA has select resources available for emergency management partners to request. Please click here to access our Resource Manual.

When the Cumberland County EOC is activated, public information and updates will be shared at https://ema.cumberlandcounty.org/

Local Emergency Management Directors may view this recording for an overview of Initial Damage Assessments for Public Assistance (PA). Password: ljNN!i79