Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a community-based organization created by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) to increase hazardous materials (Hazmat) preparedness and response.  They provide support to local communities by:

  • Receiving and processing chemical inventory reports from local industry (also known as Tier II, RMP, and TRI)
  • Receiving and processing reports of chemical releases
  • Responding to public requests for information on chemical inventory or releases
  • Providing planning support for emergency responders and industry members
  • Coordinating and hosting training
  • Increasing community awareness concerning issues like: chemical facilities in your area, how to shelter-in-place, when to evacuate, and who to call when you have questions.

There are a few basic requirements for a LEPC that are outlined in EPCRA, such as the ability to receive reports from industry partners, membership, creating or assisting in a hazmat emergency response plan, and annual public notice.  The State of Maine Legislature promulgated MRS Title 37-B, Chapter 13, 3-A Coordination and Administration of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986.  The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) designates and supports one LEPC in each county; and LEPCs are administered and coordinated through County Emergency Management Agencies.

The Cumberland County LEPC meets quarterly, or more often as needed.  In the State of Maine, LEPCs consist of at least fourteen voting members appointed by the SERC to represent the following groups or organizations:

  • Elected state and local officials
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency management
  • Firefighting
  • First aid
  • Health
  • Local environment
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation personnel
  • Broadcast and print media
  • Citizens living near facilities
  • Community groups
  • Employees working in facilities
  • Owners and operators of facilities

**All persons are welcome to attend LEPC meetings and invited to contact Cumberland County EMA for meeting schedules and information. 

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