Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard Mitigation

Mitigation is the work done to prevent or lessen damage from and adverse event.  This can be as simple as ditching along a roadway that floods, or as complex as rebuilding roadways or changing zoning ordinances.

Cities and towns work with their local emergency managers and public works departments to determine the best use of funds and the most needed projects.  Because all Cumberland County towns and cities participate in the Hazard Mitigation Plan, they are eligible to receive pre-disaster mitigation and hazard mitigation funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The Cumberland County Hazard Mitigation Plan was revised in 2017 as part of a FEMA five-year update cycle.  Each municipality provided a list on needed projects for the County Plan.  CCEMA examined historical records, the expertise of the municipalities and the State mitigation plans to revise the Plan, which was approved by FEMA in March 2017.

Each municipality reviews its projects on a yearly basis, and this is used to do a yearly update to the Cumberland County Plan.

Link to view the 2017 Cumberland County Hazard Mitigation Plan