Juvenile Justice System

The juvenile justice system is designed to focus on rehabilitating the juvenile offender.

We've listed some resources for families and victims to help you gain a better understanding of the players and their roles.

  • State of Maine Juvenile Services Division - Juvenile probation is designed to ensure that juvenile offenders are provided with education, treatment, and other services that teach skills and competencies. Juvenile probation also strengthens pro-social behaviors
  • Juvenile Probation in Region 1 (Cumberland and York Counties)
  • Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group (JJAG) - This group is comprised of citizens appointed by the Governor to help craft effective responses to the problems of juvenile crime and violence in Maine. The JJAG:
    • Develops a state-wide plan prioritizing efforts to improve the juvenile justice system
    • Manages funds awarded to the state from the federal government
    • Monitors state compliance with national juvenile justice standards
    • Advises state policy makers on juvenile justice issues