If You Are Being Abused

Legal Protection from Abuse

If you believe you are a victim of domestic abuse, learn more about Protection from Abuse Orders in Maine.

If you are the victim of physical violence, threats, property destruction, or your perpetrator has violated your Protection from Abuse, you should contact your local police department immediately.

The District Attorney's Office prosecutes cases brought to us from the police. Learn more about court proceedings.

If You Want to Leave

Victims of domestic abuse are in the most danger immediately after leaving the abuser.

Safety plans can help make leaving a safer process. To learn more about Safety Planning visit Family Crisis Services or call Family Crisis Services 24-Hour Hotline at 207-874-1973 in the Portland area or toll-free at 800-537-6066.

Other Information for Victims

For information on bail, whether or not a victim can drop the charges, and how the criminal justice system works, go to our general FAQs and court proceedings.