HazMat Funding

In anticipation of developing the 2009 budget, preparations are underway to address Hazardous Material (HazMat) funding within the county.

Currently, the communities in Cumberland County, as well as in adjacent counties, are beneficiaries of a robust HazMat capability provided by 5 teams located in:
  • Bridgton
  • Brunswick
  • Portland
  • South Portland
  • Presumpscot Valley (a consolidated team manned and equipped by Gorham, Scarborough, Standish, Westbrook, and Windham).
Budget Constraints
In recent years, the county provided significant funding and equipment support to these teams to ensure they were trained and equipped to the best of the county’s ability.

However, due to budgetary constraints, no money has been allocated in 2008 and the teams are required to stretch their 2007 funding. For 2009 and beyond, the County Manager desires to readdress HazMat funding. As such, he has tasked the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director to work with fire chiefs and their municipal leadership to determine the appropriate funding required to maintain their superb level of service.